Orbiter X [Britian Radio science fiction] BBC OTR 1959

Genre Science fiction / Running time 30 minutes / Country of origin United Kingdom / 1959

Orbiter X: An adventure in the conquest of space was a BBC Radio science fiction programme written by B. D. Chapman. Only a single series was produced which was broadcast by the BBC Light Programme on Monday evenings in late 1959. Presumed to have been wiped and lost, a set of discs of the entire series, recorded for the BBC Transcription Service, was discovered and restored.[1] Since 2016, Orbiter X has occasionally been repeated on the BBC's archive station, BBC Radio 4 Extra.


X-Minus One

X Minus One is an American half-hour science fiction radio drama series that broadcast from April 24, 1955 to January 9, 1958 in various timeslots on NBC. Known for high production values in adapting stories from the leading American authors of the era, X Minus One has been described as one of the finest offerings of American radio drama and one of the best science fiction series in any medium.


Dimension X

Dimension X was an NBC radio program broadcast mostly on an unsponsored, sustaining basis from April 8, 1950 to September 29, 1951.[1] The first 13 episodes were broadcast live, and the remainder were pre-recorded. Fred Wiehe and Edward King were the directors, and Norman Rose was heard as both announcer and narrator, opening the show with: "Adventures in time and space... told [or transcribed] in future tense..." For two months beginning on July 7, 1950 the series was sponsored by Wheaties.

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