Death Valley Days

In 1930, Ruth Woodman created a 30 minute American radio and television anthology under the sponsorship of Pacific Coast Borax Company, aka U.S. Borax Company, and named it Death Valley Days. The series later on became the most successful syndicated television series ever. The series featured real stories of the old American West, specifically in the area of Death Valley. The series ended by 1945 but it was revived in 1952 as a syndicated television series. The revived version of Death Valley Days ended in year 1975.


Frontier Gentleman

Adult Westerns on the radio weren't anything new when Frontier Gentleman came to radio in 1958. Gunsmoke had been on the air since 1952, and James Stewart's The Six Shooter had aired in 1953-54. It is likely that there would have been more produced, but by the late 50s television had begun to claim radio's talent as well as its audience.

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