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Computer user since the ’70s, desktop publisher and designer since the ’80s, IT slave since the early ’90s. Please visit my Jeff Lamrouex business site for more information on available services.


in addition to the above-mentioned computers, I really enjoy old-time radio programs and have accumulated a good collection. I will share some of them here from time-to-time.

Thank you Old Time Radio Researchers Group

Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar

Wikipedia Page for Johnny Dollar
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar web page

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is one of my favorite OTR series, especially the Bob Bailey multi-chapter episodes.

I will be changing out my available episodes frequently. Please email me if you are looking for a specific episode or just want to say “Hello” or offer something you may have.

The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Original Air Date: October 17th through 21st, 1955
Johnny investigates a report that a man who was declared dead and had insurance paid, but has been reported alive.

The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Part 1
The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Part 2
The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Part 3
The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Part 4
The Chesapeake Fraud Matter Part 5

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